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The Alternative Orchestra

I'm Creative & Music Director of this fantastic orchestra with a twist.

With projects such as The Alternative Cabaret and the Mindful Musicians podcast, this company is keeping me busy!

The Alternative Orchestra - Logo


A pop choir covering a range of genres, extending the repertoire of choirs since 2013.

I love arranging songs, rehearsing and conducting this talented bunch.

Rechoir - Logo

YouTube - Coming Soon

A deep dive into some of my creative activities, including MainStage, Sibelius, Dorico & Logic to name a few.


Podcast - Coming Soon

Where I discuss all things keyboards with those who play them, design them, write for them, programme them and lug them around for the rest of us.


Blog - Coming Soon

A roundup of things I've posted and chatted about on my YouTube channel and Podcast in text form. And maybe some other musings...

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